Nefriet EB Z
Vantablack de Muze
Nefriet EB Z
Vantablack de Muze
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Baloumerang SV
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With Echelon's Young Horse Academy, we offer a consistent, solid program that is essential for the correct development of a youngster's true potential. Genevieve has extensive experience carefully conditioning, training, and successfully competing young hunters and jumpers by methodically moving them up the levels as they mature into confident, well-rounded individuals.


In our Young Horse Academy program, each horse is started properly with the following:


  1. Proper ground manners. 

  2. Establishing respectful relationships with us and to their job through ground work/long-lining.

  3. Fundamentals of correct flat work that is deeply rooted in dressage principles.

  4. Begin the basics of conditioning with frequent trail riding and hacking out across the property.

  5. Quietly and positively introduce them to new situations or objects that they may face during their careers, both while being handled on the ground and ridden under saddle.

  6. Introducing them into the show ring format through our Clear Round Days at home and finally when they are ready, a wide selection of shows from local to A-rated.


Every young horse in our program has their own timeline. We work closely with the owners on appropriate expectations and schedules depending on the mental and physical capabilities of each horse. Each horse is evaluated carefully, encouraged to learn and mature as they progress in our program, but never pushed past their own individual limits. 


Genevieve Edwards


1768 Pleasant Acres Road

Guyton, GA 31312

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