The Academy at Echelon


From the Ground Up

The next generation of riders

Horseback riding offers many benefits including improved balance and motor coordination, core strength, improved cognitive abilities, enhanced learning, memory and problem-solving advancement, self-discipline, increased patience, and endless self-confidence.

Riding is also a brilliant way to bring shy children out of their shells. Children who are by nature timid, often open up to a pony. Think about it… ponies never judge or bully, instead they can seem especially in tune with a rider’s troubles.

Your child might think that horse riding is just all great fun, and it is, but they will be learning skills for a lifetime of success as well.

Meet The Academy Program Team


Elisabeth Chizek

"I hope to continue working to achieve my goal of competing at the FEI 2 star level in Eventing with my current thoroughbred, Military Tradition." 


Angela Spinola

"I absolutely love to learn new things and work with children. It's always a pleasure of mine to teach them new skills!"